Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Learning Tower

Mommy got me this cool new thingy to stand in. Now I can help her with cooking and washing dishes!

I loved playing on the big slide.

Grocery shopping....

Leaving the museum.....I was soooo tired.

A Day at the Hands On Museum

Mommy took me to the Hands on Museum. I had LOTS of fun!

Playing in the tunnel....."I see you Mommy"

I even liked the ball pit.

I'm going to cook dinner....

Pinch Your Nose

This is my favorite DVD to watch....

Monday, June 15, 2009

A few randon pics....

Here are just a few pics that Mommy took over the past few weeks.

Sitting at my computer

Now that I am 2 whole years old, Mommy is making me take out the trash.

2nd Birthday Party Continued.....

Mema made me some pretty dresses to wear. Don't I look cute!

Mommy bought me a car..... she even made me a personalized name tag for it.

Here I am opening presents...

More presents.... I really like my Dora doll

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

I had LOTS of fun at my 2nd Birthday Party! Mommy and Chur-tiss made all of the stuff and it was great!

Here I am playing (cheating) Pin the Nose on Elmo. I took off my blindfold so I could see where to put the nose.

I am swinging on my swingset.

I love my roller coaster.

Mommy got a bouncy thing....I didn't like it at all!