Thursday, August 23, 2007

Suga Booga in her activity center play seat.

She is too little for it but she LOVED standing up....well more like leaning up and playing with her toys.

Week 15

Look at my shoes!!!!

Suga Booga is now 15 weeks old. She weighs 12 pounds now. Last week we took our first big shopping trip out. Before we left the house I told Suga Booga that mommy takes shopping very seriously and that we will be out for a while. We left home at 10am and returned home at 8pm. She was a very good girl! When she was not sleeping she was grinning or being nosey. Suga Booga likes to sit up to see what's going on. She hates to lay back unless she is sleepy. Needless to say, we found some VERY nice clothes for her....and a few for mommy too!
Tuesday she wore her first pair of sneakers. When I put them on, she started to cry and kicked them off. So I put them back on and tied them. She kept lifting up her feet looking at her shoes.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Suga Booga Ponytails!!!

How you like me now?!?

Pretty Girl Smile!

Look at my new blue shoes!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The First 3 Months of Suga Booga

Kendal Janay is almost 90 days old…..Ninety days…..three months. I went to Target the other day and on my receipt it said “we accept returns or exchanges 90 days from date of receipt.” Most jobs have a 90 day probationary period. Most warranties are 90 days. My daughter is 90 days old; one quarter of a year. Well, Kendal cannot be returned. She is not on probation and her warranty cannot expire and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Had someone told me 90 days ago that my life would change this much, I would not have believed them. Of course I know my little girl would be my top priority but I didn’t know that I would change as a person.

90 days ago I worried very little….probably just about my family’s well being. Now I worry if Kendal doesn’t burp after a feeding. The level of my worrying is unbelievable. I worry if she cries and I don’t know why. I worry everyday of every minute about Kendal in some form or fashion.

90 days ago I had no idea how much love my heart could hold. I have loved before…I love my husband, my mom, my siblings but the love I have for Kendal is something I have never felt before.

90 days ago my identity was Pam……I am now identified as Kendal’s mom.

90 days ago my husband and I discussed current events over dinner… we discuss the color and consistency of Kendal’s poop while one of us eats and the other tend to Kendal.

90 days ago I strolled out of the office well after the end of my shift…..Now I rush out as soon as I complete my work, hurrying home to see my baby.

90 days ago I loved shopping for pumps, 7 jeans and little black dresses…..Now I shop for onesies, bibs and cute little girl dresses.

90 days ago I spoke in complete sentences in a normal tone. Now my voice is two octaves higher and I speaks words like Suga Booga and cutsie wootsie.

90 days ago I didn’t leave home without my Blackberry, IPod and Coach Bag…..Now I don’t leave home without my Snugli, Soothie and Baby Kaed diaper bag.

90 days ago I was a woman and a wife….Now I am a MOTHER!

Baby Girl is getting BIG!

Mama's Suga Booga!

Hey Mama!

I LOVE green beans!!!

Suga Booga Photo Shoot